• Audio Mastering (Vinyl + Digital)
  • Stem Mastering
  • Audio Mixdowns
  • Summing
  • Recording
  • Audio Restoration
  • Front of house Engineering
  • PA System Engineering
  • Production for Artists
  • CD Authoring
  • DDP Mastering
  • Remix Productions
  • mp3 Encoding
  • Audio Logos
  • Jingles



  • Mastering                      45 EUR per Track
  • Audio Mixdown            65 EUR per Hour
  • Stem Mastering            65 EUR per Hour
  • Audio Restoration        65 EUR per Hour
      Discount for 5 or more Tracks 5%
      Discount for 11 or more Tracks 10%

This offer is aimed primarily at business customers . All prices are therefore net prices . Customers from Germany and private individuals from the EU pay the price indicated plus . 19% VAT .

How to send Your music best way
Please make sure You don’t use any dynamic plug ins and eqing on Your stereo mixdown.
If You use external dynamic and eq gear, switch it off while recording the mixdown!
You should be completely satisfied with your mixdown before sending.
Especially the bassdrum should have the right punch.
Be sure bassdrum and bass has not the same frequencies overlapping (using a lowcut or side chain compressor or both might do the trick).
Files should be in 44.1 Khz Sample Rate or Higher (No conversions, use the sample rate of your project)
Bitrate 16 – 32 Bit (Same here, use the bit rate of your project, No conversions!)
You can send a track (from other artist, already mastered) you like as a reference.
Send Your tracks via wetransfer to

Here’s a very good tutorial to watch how to prepare Your mixdowns the best way: